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Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit specializes in five types of construction:

Commercial Seismic Retrofit (What is Seismic Retrofitting?- PDF Whitepaper)
Many commercial buildings constructed before 1987 are not considered capable of resisting the forces exerted by an earthquake. A seismic retrofit will decrease the cost of insurance, increase the property value and ensure building safety.

A seismic retrofit will decrease the cost of insurance, and increase the property value and building safety.

Roof Condensation (A Costly Problem- PDF Whitepaper)
Moisture that develops at the roof or ceiling area and is trapped by foil insulation or other types of radiant barriers is called roof condensation. If left untreated, it can weaken and destroy the entire roof structure. This problem can cost $10 per square foot to repair, depending on how long it remains uncorrected. To prevent or repair roof condensation, Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit works with an engineer to repair existing structures and hardware or replace them, if necessary.
Saunders works with an engineer to repair existing hardware or, if necessary, replace it with new hardware or ledgers.

Roof condensation is not the same as damage caused by a heavy rain. Although heavy rain can affect the integrity of any commercial building, roof condensation damage can occur without warning on the sunniest day.

Imagine you are sitting at your desk on one such sunny day and suddenly there is a loud crash in another room. You run from your office to discover that a 2x4 has fallen through the ceiling, nearly hitting one of your employees. As it fell, however, it did fail to topple an important shelving system and your new $10,000 copier. Saunders can prevent or repair the roof condensation that might cause such a headache.

Structural Repairs
Structural repairs that may or may not be directly related to seismic retrofitting can be made on any type of building, such as concrete tilt up, masonry, steel or wood-framed buildings. These repairs can include installation of roof diaphragms, Glue Laminated Beams (GLB), purlins, sub-purlin, plywood, walls or any of a number of necessary structural repairs.

  • Common structural repairs include:
  • Correcting damage caused by roof condensation, including repair or retrofitting of hangers or ledgering sub-purlins.
  • Preventing or correcting roof condensation damage by adjusting or repairing the patter of roof nailing
  • Reducing the load on key beam that are overloaded by rooftop equipment, hanging equipment.
  • Reinforcing or replacing aging beams that are deflecting or breaking
  • Replacing or reinforcing beams that are sagging from collected water on the roof.

Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit repairs structural members using various methods that include adding steel, lumber, or tension cables to the existing structure or replacing structural members.

Renovations, Rehabilitation and Tenant Improvements

Saunders can provide the same level of construction excellence that it brings to seismic retrofitting projects to a variety of other construction jobs. Previous renovation, conversion and renovation projects have included converting an historic abandoned hotel into a multi-use facility that featured a cultural museum, storefront space, and low-income housing; remodeling shopping centers and adding more rentable space; parking lot changes; ADA improvements and a host of other custom work.

  • Customized construction improvements can include:
  • Shopping center facelifts
  • Addition of rentable lease space
  • Modernization of facilities
  • Localized seismic retrofitting or structural strengthening due to adding equipment, storage or working space
  • Improvement or addition of all architectural features
  • Cutting new dock doors and creating truck wells
  • Adding windows, doors, ramps, and other features
  • Polishing and/or repairing existing floor slabs, walls and roof
  • ADA Improvements
  • Tenant improvement projects can include:
  • Creation of new office space
  • A customized “make ready” for leasing to existing tenant space
  • Customized warehouse and manufacturing changes to warehouse, production and shipping areas.
  • Rebuilding new and modern spaces

Roof Coatings
Construction regulations effective in October 2005 require that air-conditioned spaces with re-roofing use an approved reflective roof coating. Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit has developed a unique roof coating system that not only meets new regulations, but increases the quality and durability of a structure’s roof and saves owners plenty of money.

Saunders' two-ply roof system has many advantages over traditional roofing renovations:

  • Tax write-offs: The entire cost can be written off in the first year.
  • Cooler structures: With this reflective coating, your commercial property may qualify for a California Energy Rebate, saving you even more money.
  • No re-roofing required: Since a Saunders system does not require roof removal, the interior of a building is not subjected to weather and debris. This allows building operations to continue in a normal fashion without interruption.
  • No hot asphalt required: Without the need for hot asphalt, building occupants are not brought into contact with noxious fumes.
  • No heavy machinery required: Because Saunders' coating system does not utilize heavy machinery, the entire process is much quieter than that of other roofing systems.
  • Cooler structures: Saunders' roof coating system keeps buildings without air conditioning cooler in climates where the sun blazes daily. Air conditioned buildings under our five-ply system have substantially lower energy costs.
  • Longevity: Saunders’ roof coating system prolongs the life of your current roof and comes with a 5-10 year warranty.
  • Indefinitely and easily renewable: As with any roofing system, roof coating materials eventually break down and need to be replaced as years go by. With our system, however, new coatings are remarkably easy to add.
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