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Roof framing repairs may or may not be directly related to seismic retrofitting and can be made on any type of building, such as concrete tilt-up, masonry, steel, or wood-framed buildings.

Common causes or reasons to perform framing repairs:

  • Correcting damage caused by roof condensation, including repair or retrofitting of hangers or ledgering sub-purlins
  • New roof installation and wanting to correct roof condensation damage by replacing plywood sheathing and/or adding additional roof nailing
  • Reducing the load on key beams that are overloaded by heavy rooftop equipment or hanging equipment
  • Reducing the load on key beams that are overloaded by old design criteria or poor lumber
  • Reinforcing or replacing aging beams that are deflecting or breaking
  • Replacing or reinforcing beams that are sagging from collected water on the roof
  • Repairing or replacing beams that have been exposed to "cooler" or "freezer" conditions, without proper insulated panels, causing severe condensation damage
  • Tenant operations that create a heavy moisture content and/or heat, thus damaging the existing roof framing members overtime
  • Old, vacant buildings without proper ventilation that experience significant corrosion to framing members

Typical Types of framing members requiring repair:

  • GLB repairs
  • Purlin repairs
  • Subpurlin repairs
  • Truss repairs
  • Plywood Roof Sheathing

Typical repair methods include:

  • Adding additional steel or lumber to existing framing members
  • Adding tension cables to existing GLB, purlins, and beams
  • Injecting epoxy and/or dowels into wood members and applying preventative coating to combat against wood rot
  • Adding support columns and/or footings
  • Replacing structural members (worst case scenario), beams, roof sheathing, etc...

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