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ROOF COATINGS [ Reinforced Reflective Roof Coating Systems ]

Construction regulations effective in October 2005 require that air-conditioned spaces with re-roofing use an approved reflective roof coating. Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit has developed a unique roof coating system that not only meets new regulations, but increases the quality and durability of a structure's roof while saving owners plenty of money.

Saunders' reinforced reflective roof system has many advantages over traditional roofing renovations:

  • Tax write-off: The entire cost can be written off in the first year (check with your accountant)!
  • Energy savings: With our reflective coating, your commercial property may qualify for a California Energy Rebate, saving you even more money!
  • No re-roofing required: Since a Saunders coating system does not require roof removal, the interior of a building is not subjected to weather and debris. This allows building operations to continue in a normal fashion without interruption. Our roof coating system is also good for the environment!
  • No hot asphalt required: Without the need for hot asphalt, building occupants are not brought into contact with noxious fumes!
  • No heavy machinery required: Because Saunders' coating system does not utilize heavy machinery, the entire process is much quieter than that of other roofing systems!
  • Cooler structure: Saunders' roof coating system keeps buildings without air conditioning cooler in climates where the sun blazes daily. Air conditioned buildings under our two-ply system have substantially lower energy costs!
  • Longevity: Saunders' roof coating system prolongs the life of your current roof and comes with a 10-15 year warranty!
  • Easily and indefinitely renewable: As with any roofing system, roof coating materials eventually break down and need to be replaced as years go by. With our system, however, new coatings are remarkably easy to add!

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