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Seismic Retrofit Concrete Tilt-Up
Concrete Tilt-Up


A seismic retrofit for a concrete tilt-up building is one of the most economical retrofits. The cost per square foot price can be quite competitive, depending on a building's characteristics.

Early designs of these types of buildings (circa mid 1990's), only had limited or weak connections at the roof to walls and continuity ties. With current engineering knowledge, it is well understood that these buildings need to be retrofitted to make them safer and perform better in the event of an earthquake. Because of the heavy concrete walls, in the event of an earthquake, these walls want to pull apart from the roof, creating a collapse hazard. Evidence from previous earthquakes suggests that these buildings can be quite dangerous during a seismic event and suffer extensive damage.

Quite often, concrete tilt-up buildings are occupied, with tenants conducting business inside. Saunders Seismic specializes in working in occupied spaces, particularly with sensitive tenants and/or operations. We've worked in all types of facilities, including commercial manufacturing, industrial, food processing plants, freezer and cold storage facilities, and warehouses. No project is too simple or complex - we can excel in either environment.

Saunders can provide assistance with conceptual planning for the scope of the retrofit and preliminary pricing, as well as provide a competitive bid based on completed drawings, depending on the stage of the project.

A typical retrofit for a concrete tilt-up building would include some of the following components:

  • Roof to wall anchors
  • Continuity ties
  • Roof nailing, if needed or scheduled as part of a re-roof
  • Steel braced frames and concrete footings, if needed based on the building's geometry

Following is a retrofit demonstration to illustrate a typical retrofit for a concrete tilt-up building:

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