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Why pay expensive earthquake insurance premiums when you can invest that money into the cost of a seismic retrofit? Recover your investment in 2-6 years on average.

Considering your Return on Investment (ROI) from insurance is an important part of owning a commercial building.

Paying expensive earthquake insurance premiums makes little sense when you can substantially reduce those premiums with a money-saving seismic retrofit from Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit.

Your investment in seismic retrofitting can be recovered in an average of only 2-6 years by lowering the building's PML (Probable Maximum Loss). The PML is an important figure to insurers and loan organizations that tells how much damage a building might sustain in the event of an earthquake.

A seismic retrofit from Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit strengthens a building's structure, increases it resale value, and most importantly, makes it safer for occupants and inventory.

Insurance companies recognize this fact and frequently offer substantial reductions in premiums to building owners who choose to invest in a retrofit.

Other important items to consider about insurance and your commercial structure are:

  • Overall insurance costs will probably only increase in the years ahead
  • In the future, insurance might possibly only be available to buildings with lower PML's
  • Lowered PML on buildings qualify more lenders to loan on the building. This creates the opportunity for more buyers to bid on the building when you might wish to sell it
  • Some lenders may not require owners to carry earthquake insurance if the PML is below 20

If it is true that earthquake insurance premiums may increase at a rate that is not proportional to your building's assets, why not consider increasing the building's assets with a seismic retrofit from Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit?

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