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The following list provides helpful resources for engineers & architects as well as building owners & managers looking for additional information about the types of services Saunders offers:


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Temblor Earthquake App

Half of the world’s population lives near active faults, but most of us are unaware of this. You can learn if you are at risk and protect your home, land, and family. Temblor enables everyone in the continental United States, and many parts of the world, to learn their seismic, landslide, tsunami, and flood hazard. Available on iPhone and Adroid devices, this app helps you determine the best way to reduce the risk to your home with proactive solutions. Temblor estimates the likelihood of seismic shaking and home damage and shows how the damage and its costs can be decreased by buying or renting a seismically safe home or retrofitting an older home.

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Seismic Retrofit

Strengthening buildings for improved earthquake resistance

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Roof Condensation

Thorough inspection and repair of moisture damaged hardware

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Structural Repairs

Fixing structural problems without disrupting your business

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Roof Coatings

Our reflective roof coating system improves quality and durability

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