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Movie Production, Sound, Editing Facility


Southern California

Unique Features:

  • Difficult scope
  • Difficult access and coordination
  • Noise constraints


Two-story office building, approximately 208,000 square feet, with CMU construction (concrete masonry unit), originally built in 1958 and renovated in 2006 (which did not include the seismic scope).

The scope of the work included seismic strengthening of the 2nd floor and the roof system. Because of the strict timeline of having one year to complete the entire job, including the design, the city submittals and the construction work, multiple consultants had to work together to successfully complete the project. Thus, all parties had to be flexible with phases of construction, and sometimes start dates and/or completion dates had to be accelerated.

Saunders provided the means to retrofit the building in such a way that the tenants were minimally disturbed. Not only did Saunders' suggested game plan help to minimize disruption to the tenants, but it also significantly reduced the costs to the building owners. The work was performed on the weekends and at night, with a tight schedule and a phased approach of roughly 3 weeks per phase, as Saunders worked through the building.

Seismic Retrofit

Strengthening buildings for improved earthquake resistance

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Roof Condensation

Thorough inspection and repair of moisture damaged hardware

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Structural Repairs

Fixing structural problems without disrupting your business

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