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Commercial Apartment Building with Tuck-Under Parking


Northern California

Unique Features:

  • Difficult scope
  • Limited parking for tenants


Seven-building apartment complex with tuck-under parking, a particularly vulnerable type of construction in the event of an earthquake. The apartment complex had limited parking available, so extra attention was given to the design and coordination of the work in an effort to minimize the time that the tuck under parking would be available. In most cases, Saunders is able to return the parking areas to the tenants at night; however, given the geometry of the building and the scope of work required, temporary shoring was required while we set our moment frames and concrete grade beams. Despite this, Saunders was able to install our frames and concrete in such a manner that we limited the amount of time needed for temporary shoring to virtually three nights, before returning the space to the tenants.

Additionally, Saunders worked on two buildings at a time, which created the most cost effective retrofit while minimizing the impact to the tenants. Through careful scheduling and prompt completion of Saunders' work, we were able to provide plenty of notice to the tenants as to when their parking would be temporarily interrupted.

All in all, the tenants and the owners were pleased with the extra care and attention provided not only to the quality of work, but to the scheduling and coordination as well. Saunders completed the project by restoring the existing stucco finishes to their original form.

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