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Food Production Facility


Southern California

Unique Features:

  • Difficult access
  • Large scope
  • Limited time to complete


Food manufacturing plant located inside an industrial concrete tilt-up building, single-story with approximately 32,700 square feet. The tenant's production schedule was virtually 24-7 with pre-determined shut-down periods within which Saunders could access certain areas of the production line for a duration of 72 hours at a time. This would occur roughly 4 times a year. Within each shut down period, Saunders would run two (12) hour shifts to maximize the amount of work Saunders could perform, in addition to working with and around other tradesmen. Other areas of the production facility had more moderate levels of access requirements, yet still required an extreme amount of planning and care.

Saunders performed a complete seismic retrofit and roof strengthening to support additional equipment being loaded on the roof, including re-framing certain areas of the roof structure and coordinating our work around the production schedule and the weather forecast. All in all, this was a very challenging project, yet Saunders achieved the tenant/owner's complete satisfaction.

Seismic Retrofit

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Roof Condensation

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