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Fruit/Vegetable Distribution/Warehouse


Southern California

Unique Features:

  • Multiple scopes
  • Difficult access
  • Heavy tenant operations and forklift traffic


75,000 square foot distribution and warehouse facility. The tenant operates virtually 24-7 with heavy forklift traffic. The owner's bought the building in 2001 because they liked the established "coolers" already in place inside their building - it was a perfect fit for their business.

Unfortunately, at that time they were not aware of roof condensation, and the potential issues with having "coolers" and/or "freezers" inside the building without proper insulation. The walls had insulation, but the top of the coolers were open to the exposed roof framing. This created a significant issue with roof condensation, including deterioration of the framing members, hangers, plywood, and plywood nailing. The owners became aware of the issue because several of the GLB's had failed and needed to be temporarily shored and then replaced.

Through further investigation, it became evident that the extent of the damage was far greater than anticipated. Almost all of the GLB's and attached framing members, hangers, etc. had been compromised and in need of a replacement. Through a thorough review and coordinated effort between Saunders Construction and the structural engineer, the team arrived at a strategic game plan to save as many GLB's as possible and replace only those members that had to be replaced.

Additionally, to help preserve the repairs and the owner's investment, Saunders and the owner consulted with a specialty company to create a new insulated ceiling for each of the existing coolers, which would protect the new framing members from exposure to the moisture inside the coolers.

In order to keep the tenant operational during construction, Saunders and the owner coordinated our work into several phases, allowing time to move product from cooler to cooler while we worked.

As a proactive measure, the owner chose to perform a seismic retrofit in conjunction with the roof condensation repairs, as the cost to do so was significantly less, since Saunders could optimize the costs by overlapping equipment, supervision, etc...

Seismic Retrofit

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Roof Condensation

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Structural Repairs

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