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Food Production Facility


Southern California

Unique Features:

  • Difficult scope and access
  • Special procedures for working inside freezers


Tenant is a full service meat packaging plant for several fast food chains in the area. They operate under very strict requirements as stipulated and regulated by the FDA. Scheduling construction work and gaining/earning the tenants confidence in order to conduct our work was a challenge. Because certain areas of the production facility operated 24-7, Saunders had to work within the schedule provided by the tenant. Additionally, all work areas and protection schematics had to be approved by the FDA.

Operating under a strict holiday schedule, Saunders completely removed and replaced one large Glu lam beam within the manufacturing section of the tenant's space. To limit tenant interruption, an unusual shoring plan was created that included shoring the GLB from "above the roof deck" to allow for less shoring towers below. This was a significant accomplishment and included temporarily adding (2) GLB's (approx. 4' high x 80' long) to the roof deck to help carry the roof load while we removed the existing GLB. The tenant's operation manager (who has been working in the manufacturing business for 30+ years), said the Saunders' team was among the best he had ever worked with.

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