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Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit specializes in several types of construction that can protect or restore your commercial property investment. Seismic retrofitting is the process of adding extra strength to the roof-to-wall connections and continuity ties throughout a building that strengthens the building's performance in the event of seismic activity. Roof condensation damage prevention and repair protects not only the integrity of your commercial structure, but the valuable human, mechanical, and inventory assets inside the structure. Saunders also specializes in renovation and reconstruction projects that can continue to promote the profitability of your commercial property investment years into the future.

What will asset protection construction by Saunders mean to you as a commercial property owner? A project completed by Saunders can:

Improve the Marketability of Your Buildings

Sellers of commercial buildings are always looking for ways to make their properties more marketable. One way to accomplish this is to increase the value of the building by performing a seismic retrofit prior to the sale. In addition to causing buyers to view the building as a more valuable asset, lenders will regard the property as a more secure investment since the Probable Maximum Loss (PML) in the event of an earthquake is lower than buildings without comparable seismic retrofitting.

Reduce Purchase Price During Acquisition Negotiations

One of the best ways to obtain a lower price on a building that is being purchased is to negotiate the cost of a seismic retrofit into the purchase agreement. Saunders' "quick-quote system" allows fast, accurate calculation of the cost of the retrofit in order to negotiate a credit from the seller. In this way, the buyer can offer a "lower-than-market" price.

Avoid Business Loss, Disruption, or Relocation

The loss from an earthquake can be devastating both to your property as well as the people in it. Many organizations have had to cease operations temporarily or permanently due to the destruction caused by an earthquake or collapse of a roof due to condensation damage. In these cases, the profitability of a property can be dramatically reduced because of:

  • Loss of life
  • Medical costs
  • Litigation from employees
  • Cost of temporary relocation
  • Loss of tenants
  • Loss of assets within the building
  • Loss of building productivity
  • Loss of building use and overall business operations

Saunders assists building owners with planning to reduce or eliminate these devastating losses by performing a seismic retrofit, roof condensation repairs, and/or structural repairs.

Maintain Tenant Relations During Construction Process

Satisfied commercial tenants willingly fulfill their lease obligations. However, a construction project can disturb tenants' business operations and cause them to be dissatisfied, request financial compensation, or even vacate the property.

Saunders offers an exclusive Six Star Tenant Service Program that calls for close collaboration with building tenants to minimize disruptions to workflow and ensure that normal business operations are undeterred.

Saunders Clients Have More to Say

  • Alan Carmichael of Alere Property Group said, "In two of the projects there were existing tenants and Saunders' team did a good job of coordinating with the tenants and our property manager which minimized the interruption to their business."
  • Steve Murphy of Watson Land Company said, "Most of our tenants are large, volume producing companies for whom business interruption would be costly. Your communication and cooperation with Watson Land Co. and with our tenants via weekly schedules and project updates serves to minimize the problems and disruptions that go hand-in-hand with construction projects in occupied buildings."
  • Stacey Washko from Core Property Management said, "Due to the building being 90% occupied, my main concern was minimizing the disruption of our tenants and their daily operations. From start to finish, I found everyone at your firm courteous, patient, and professional."
  • Robert Given from Given and Company said, "The unique production requirements of the tenant presented difficulties with installing the seismic details, but based on your past experiences, you suggested useful ideas for working around their equipment, and performed masterfully."
  • Ed Barbone from Moog, Inc. said, "Noticeably the work is done efficiently, with great attention to the safety of both their employees and ours and with minimum interruption to ongoing facility operations."
  • Daniel Sarhad of Orchard Commercial said, "Your work with some 'unique' tenants in a very difficult working environment showed how well your crew handles tenant communications and working around special needs. We didn't have any complaints."

Guarantee Proven Expertise in Retrofitting Historical Buildings

Owners of historical buildings are responsible for maintaining their properties in accordance with the City, County, or State historical societies. These organizations have a very low tolerance for any damage or modification to the building's structure, interior, or facade.

Saunders commercial Seismic Retrofit employs only full-time team members with an average of three to ten years of experience and who possess the necessary expertise for construction on historical buildings. In fact, that is just one reason Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit was selected to retrofit both the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego and the Dunbar Museum/Hotel building in downtown Los Angeles.

Protect REIT Shareholder Value and Revenue

Seismic retrofit and roof condensation repairs protect the asset holdings of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and ensures a consistent stream of revenue from these assets.

Protect REIT's From Litigation

REIT's have numerous properties and are often plagued by litigation as a result of substandard building safety plans. Obtaining a solid safety plan, which includes a seismic retrofit, demonstrates good faith in attempting to protect the building and its occupants.

Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit offers a package discount for property owners and managers so they can decrease costs while still reducing their exposure to a lawsuit. Please contact our office for information on Package/Group Rates.

Lowering Your PML Will Directly Benefit You

A low PML helps to sell a building faster because a low PML attracts more lenders, which generates more buyers. It also adds equity to the asset. Often the higher price you will receive will compensate for the cost of the retrofit. Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit has assisted several building owners in their real estate transactions.

Richard Bozzi from Keller Williams Realty said, "I would like to thank you for the great job your crew did with the earthquake seismic retrofit needed before our client could sell the building. It was done faster than the original estimated time of completion and your crew chief actually found ways to save our sellers money. In short, the timely close of escrow ended up being beneficial to both the Seller and Buyer in this transaction."

Many Cities Mandate Seismic Retrofitting

Many cities, such as the City of Berkeley, City of San Diego, City of Industry, City of Los Angeles, and City of Burbank have passed city ordinances mandating building owners to retrofit their buildings for earthquakes.

Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit has been placed on the Preferred Bidders List of many cities. This means that regardless of your area, you can feel comfortable knowing that Saunders has performed above the standards of the city.

In addition, waiting until a city passes an ordinance may cause the cost of seismic retrofits to increase due to increased demand.

So as a commercial property owner, it's easy to see why asset protection construction from Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit is a smart investment in your smart investments.

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