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Learn more about commercial seismic retrofitting.  Click on the buildings below to see pop-up demonstrations of a typical seismic retrofit as well as a tilt-up building being constructed.
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Southern California Office
Costa Mesa
Phone: (949) 646-0034

Northern California Office
San Jose
Phone: (408) 267-3876

Washington Office
Phone: (206) 521-3774

CA License: 616856
WA License: SAUNDCI953ND
NV License: 68730

Check-Out Our New Look & Website

We’ve been busy, and now we want to share the results with you! Please visit our website at: www.SaundersSeismic.com and let us know what you think. We have a new feature on our site that demonstrates exactly how a typical retrofit is performed. Click on the demonstration and see for yourself!

Remember we offer seismic budgeting for you to use during building acquisition negotiations.

Recover your retrofit costs through reduced insurance premiums-ROI (return on investment) averaging 2-8 years!

Updated E-mail Addresses:
Southern California  
Steven Saunders ssaunders@saundersseismic.com
Amber Shea-Zamora  ashea@saundersseismic.com
Susan Hill  shill@saundersseismic.com
Edward Robles erobles@saundersseismic.com
Mark Murphy  mmurphy@saundersseismic.com
Billie Galvan bgalvan@saundersseismic.com
Valarie Chavis vchavis@saundersseismic.com
Efren Lopez elopez@saundersseismic.com
Katie Slater kslater@saundersseismic.com
Northern California:  
Randy Sargenti rsargenti@saundersseismic.com
Jeff Stoner jstoner@saundersseismic.com

Please update your records to reflect our new website and e-mail addresses. All other company information remains the same, including our service areas: Southern California, Northern California, Seattle Washington, and Reno Nevada.