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Saunders Channel 4 News Feature

Channel 4 News discusses the importance of retrofitting soft story structures with Steven Saunders, President of Saunders Seismic Retrofit. Soft story structures are where the front of the building is very open, either with glass or garage spaces like in tuck-under parking. Drive through almost any neighborhood in Southern California and you'll find at least one apartment building with open garages underneath. But experts say that they could put you at serious risk, especially if an earthquake hits. The state's Seismic Safety Commission said retrofitting soft story buildings should become a top priority.

Preparedness Now

The film was created by the USGS Multi-Hazards Demonstration Project in cooperation with the Designmatters program at Art Center to depict the physical, social, and economic consequences of the most comprehensive earthquake scenario ever created. The film gives the viewers a sense of what will be happening and inspires them to prepare and mitigate for a faster recovery. The premise underlying the film is that design is a powerful catalyst that can bridge the divide between scientific understanding about damaging quakes, and the ability of the public to feel empowered and to change their behavior in terms of preparedness.