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Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit has been contracted by a spectrum of commercial property owners and engineers to complete projects ranging from complete seismic retrofits to roof condensation repair to historical renovations. Below is a sampling of their praise for our work.

Pacific West Management

Saunders Construction was able to coordinate with our high-profile tenant and our engineers to avoid interruptions and ensure satisfaction to all entities involved. The warehouse is over 199,000 SF and there was a significant amount of product and 24-hour operations during the project. Saunders Construction was able to work around the tenant, while maintaining a professional atmosphere.
- David Loth

ANR Asset Management Brokerage

Saunders Construction was a new vendor and was able to provide a competitive bid and gain the trust of ANR for future work. I highly recommend Saunders Construction for their hard work, professionalism, and attention to detail.
- Chris Barbieri & Julie Vieillemaringe

Lowe Enterprises Real Estate Group

Your crews did a fantastic job of working with the tenant in a very difficult environment. The freezer units could not be shut down so your crews had to endure freezing temperatures and still got the project complete on schedule. The crews were also required to work within the confines of an active distribution facility. The tenant had no complaints and fel that the work was completed in a very timely and professional manner.
- David Sonderegger

Fritz Duda Company

The Saunders team worked hard to satisfy the needs of our company through constant communciation and coordination.
- Dan Reidl

6003, LLC

We were concerned that the seismic retrofit would disrupt the operation of our Super A Foods grocery store, Chuck E Chees and shop tenants Working nighttime hours enabled Saunders to perform their scope of work without disrupting or disturbing tenants' daily operations. The job was left clean every day, and we had NO tenant complaints! Saunders was able to maintain constant communication with the engineer and tenants to ensure a timely completion date.
- Jay Kerner

Mattel, Inc.

With exceptional skill, the Saunders Construction team endured a 20 month, thirty two phase renovation process while working a modified swing shift in occupied space. When the original RFP was issued, the definition of the Seismic Retrofit project included a simple structured schedule in order to install a completely new steel substructure in the Mattel Design Center. However, a substantially more complex construction schedule evolved by May 2008, putting several key logistical factors at risk. Nevertheless, Saunders management kept their original contract commitments to Mattel in tact.
- Mark Franklin, Project Manager

Saiful/Bouquet, Inc.

We have worked with Saunders Construction, Inc. for many years, on a number of seismic retrofit projects in California and Washington. Each time we have collaborated, I have been pleased with your firm's performance, and satisfied with the level of service and communication you and your staff have provided.
- Robert Randall, Vice President

National Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

Mark Murphy, a Saunders' project manager that I have worked with for years, and I worked together to discuss the constructability for various design ideas to keep the construction costs in line with the owner's original retrofit budget while still achieving the intended objectives. I am pleased to say that we were able to bring in costs below budget while providing the owner with a successful seismic retrofit project.
- Mike O'Brien, Vice President

AMB Property Corporation

I would like to express my appreciation to your company and especially to your crews for the exceptional workmanship and communication on the projects you have completed for AMB Property Corporation over the years. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and knowing our tenants' needs have made highly complex projects run smoothly and without incident. I give Saunders Construction my highest recommendation and look forward to working with them on future projects we have here at AMB.
- Tom Spanley, Senior Project Manager

Legacy Partners

In order to be effective in the event of an earthquake, a seismic retrofit needs to be completed with good craftsmanship and according to plan. With this in mind, I will continue to seek Saunders' expertise for future seismic retrofit projects; because I know the work will be done right and without any hiccups.
- Peter Lineweaver


Based on my experience working with Saunders, I believe your firm is an excellent choice when you need a contractor to perform a seismic retrofit project, and particularly when complex scopes and difficult access are topics of concern.
- Hassan Sughayer

Bryan Krueger Enterprises, Inc.

In particular I like to call upon Saunders' services when I work with large, corporate clients that expect a high level of communication, experience, quality, and service. Because of the nature and expectations for these projects, I include your firm to help the project progress as smoothly as possible. In turn, we create a stong "team" for the owner by working with a consultant, engineer, and contractor that have specific experience with their project. Ultimately, the owner benefits from this collective effort, because each team member brings suggested repair scopes to minimize construction costs while maximizing the effectiveness of the repairs or improvements.
- Bryan Krueger, Owner/Roof Consultant

GGL Real Estate Services, Inc.

Your recommendations and solutions to situations and projects display that you have our best interest in mind. It is not easy to find a vendor who excels in customer service; one who works tirelessly on our behalf. As a property manager of industrial properties, I am asked to recommend the services of quality contractors. I have no hesitation recommending Saunders Construction as a quality, topnotch vendor and construction partner!
- Kim Allen, Portfolio Manager for Seattle AMB Properties

BS&A, Inc.

Working with you and your team on the Lucky Center Seismic Rehab provided an experience in how competent and ethical contractors can be.
- Barry J. Schweiger, AIA

Sandstone Properties

Saunders Construction successfuly completed a seismic retrofit for a shopping center in San Gabriel... We highly recommend Saunders Construction for their effective communication and hard work to complete each project in a professional manner.
- Heather Bernardi, Portfolio Manager

Hollander Smith, Inc.

Saunders' competent employees were able to provide prompt and accurate work in a timely maner. With good communication efforts, the completed projects became a rewarding process with little hassle and few change orders.
- Marc Morgan

Applied Construction Technology

One of the projects required Saunders Construction to finish in less than one week due to the owner's scheduling of an upcoming fundraising event that was to occur within one week of the start of the seismic work. The work was completed on time and the area was left in an orderly and clean condition.
- Steven P. Travis, Sr. Project Manager

Building Owner in Culver City

This was our first seismic upgrade. We were completely pleased with the professional way your company performed the work. We interviewed several of your references, all of which gave you good ratings--but we were concerned that they are large commercial companies and we, a small building owner, would not receive the same treatment. We absolutely did get the same treatment! Your staff was always available to answer questions, make recommendations, gave us weekly progress reports, and you would personally call to personally make sure we were happy with the job.
- Dale Vaccarello

Grimm & Chen Structural Engineering

Your team's experience in seismic retrofit and repair really helped this project. Especially the use of RFIs to identify the more cost-effective solutions that allowed the project to be completed in a timely fashion.
- Jeff Chen, SE, Principal

Site2785, LLC

Ed and his team including Jesse, Brian and Joe understood the desire to preserve the character of my 1947 brick building and worked to implement the engineer's plan. When unforeseen conditions were discovered, Saunders quickly resolved the problem without delays or unnecessary change orders.
- Joe Dumbacher

MK Products, Inc.

Just reporting that the building did a great job of not falling down. Good shaking and lots of movement, but no major cracks or damage. Building felt very rigid. I felt safe inside for the first time here in 30 years.
- Doug Kensrue

St. Gregory's Episcopal Church

We were very pleased with the way your crew worked each day, and the extra attention they gave to working safely and neatly. Sometimes the areas where you worked were difficult to access, however your crew managed to complete their tasks without damaging our property.
- Kathy Kirby

Vernon Industrial Park, LLC

...not only did you tighten the numbers in your proposal, but you also kept change orders to a minimum. You had thoroughly inspected the jobsite before you started and you were able to incorporate many of the challenges and changes into your original proposal."
- Steve Schimer

Insight Structural Engineers

Working with Saunders Construction on our recent seismic retrofit project was a pleasure. Your team helped us identify cost-effective solutions that allowed our client to upgrade their 57,000 square foot building to current seismic standards. Not only was the cost reduced as compared to other retrofit systems, the work was also completed on-time. We look forward to collaborating with your team on our next strengthening project.
- Brent Blackman, SE, President

J.S. Dyer & Associates, Inc.

Saunders Construction has completed the construction of numerous seismic retrofits for some of our most valued clients with projects in seismically vulnerable states of California, Washington, and Nevada. We are able to recommend your firm to our clients because we have confidence that your organization will execute the work according to the construction documents prepared by our office and with the extra care and attention required by the building tenants.
- Jeff Dyer, Principal

Certus Consulting, Inc.

From beginning to end, we worked with your firm on this project to correct several areas where unforeseen conditions were discovered. Even with the unforeseen conditions, we believe that your firm's experience, as well as our own, enabled this project to continue to move forward with minimal disruption to the construction schedule and budget.
- Evan Reis, SE, Principal

Anson Industries

Thank you for performing the seismic upgrade quickly and efficiently. Your crew worked diligently each day and worked without interrupting our occupants inside. All parties involved were pleased with Saunders' performance.
- Ed Espina

Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc.

Discovering an unforeseen condition, Saunders suggested changes allowing us to tackle the additional costs without significantly exceeding our contract amount, all the while working to ensure minimal disruption to our tenants and keeping the project on schedule. We look forward to working with your team again in the future.
- Chris Larsen, Director, Capital & Repositioning

RLA Real Estate

RLA is pleased to write this letter of recommendation for the work Saunders performed at the above referenced project. In one of the units and of particular importance, is the fact that Saunders quickly identified, shored and repaired a severely damaged purlin. This quick action abated a potentially significant safety hazard.
- Richard Lee

Watt Management Company

The project consisted of a supplemental voluntary seismic strengthening to improve the continuity of the roof diaphragm and enhance the lateral resisting capacity of several wood-framed shear walls to two single-story church buildings. Saunders coordinated with the owner and MHP on a regular basis during construction to ensure the quality and efficiency of the construction. The project was successfully completed on time and within budget.
- Joseph Opiela

Fairfield Residential

We couldn't be happier. Your crews worked diligently to coordinate all of the work around an occupied project, difficult access requirements, and were very responsive to the needs and requirements of the roofing subcontractor during the roof tear offs
- Al Clarke, Project Manager

CB Richard Ellis

The seismic retrofit project is just another example of your expertise. This project was completed on schedule, within budget and with no tenant complaints. Your work is always completed in a timely manner and with minimum interruption to the tenants.
- John Bonomo, Director of Operations