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Our Prestigious Reputation

Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit is one of the very few seismic retrofit construction specialists in the United States. Many general construction companies claim to be experts in seismic retrofit, but their experience and expertise in this area cannot match the unique qualifications of Saunders. Our company has performed over 2,000 commercial seismic retrofits throughout Southern California, Northern California, Washington, and Nevada. Saunders also appears on the preferred bid list of some of the most prestigious structural engineering firms and public REIT companies in the nation.

Our Professional Excellence

Saunders also retains only the most experienced employees. Saunders employees have been with the company an average of three to ten years and our turnover rate is far less than the industry average.

Our Powerful Resources

Saunders offers a powerful way to actually show clients precisely why it is so important to perform a seismic retrofit on their building. This industry first, an on-line flash animation, allows engineers to show clients how a tilt-up building is constructed and exactly how a seismic retrofit is performed. The easy-to-use animation outlines concrete tilt-up building construction, the major steps in retrofit construction, and the reasons why it is critical for these buildings to be retrofitted.

Our Productive Communication

Saunders simplifies providing answers to contractor's questions without being on-site. Many times in construction projects, site conditions necessitate a change in the plans. In order to ensure proper installation, Saunders continues the RFI process throughout the course of construction, which allows engineers to immediately become informed of additions or changes that may be required. In fact, photographs of the details in question are emailed to the engineer along with the RFI and recommended solutions. This allows the engineer to lead the change-process without necessitating a jobsite visit. This also helps keep the project on schedule and reduces unnecessary costs to the building owner.

Seismic Retrofit

Strengthening buildings for improved earthquake resistance

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Roof Condensation

Thorough inspection and repair of moisture damaged hardware

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Structural Repairs

Fixing structural problems without disrupting your business

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