Industry Education brought to you courtesy of Saunders Construction, Inc. Commercial Seismic Retrofit

Any time a group of people work together cohesively as a team, the outcome of their efforts is more likely to be successful. In our seismic upgrade and structural repair projects, we strive to create a non-adversarial environment and maintain a team atmosphere with the customer and the engineer.

Through cooperation, respect, effective and timely communication, Saunders, the engineer and the owner create a systemized project that runs smoothly. By doing this, the project team can collaborate to produce the most structurally sound building, while exploring cost saving alternatives based on our experience with design constructability, market trends with respect to raw materials, etc…

Example Project:
At the beginning of the project, wanting to learn more about the construction aspect, the engineer asked us what we could change on the plans to lower the cost. We suggested changing material manufacturers; the owner agreed and paid the engineer a little more to calculate the design for the suggested alternate. Through cooperation and combining our expertise, we were able to reduce the original construction cost by 11% using stronger hardware for a better overall project. Read full article >


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